All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to be transported. The individual requesting/arranging for transport certifies that the pet being transported by Eastern States Pet Express is, or will be, at least 8 weeks of age on or before transport pick-up date.

A valid health certificate issued by a doctor of veterinary medicine is required dated no more than 10 days before the scheduled pickup date. The certificate must travel with the pet. Medical records or vaccine records cannot be used as a substitution.

A current rabies vaccination certificate must travel with your pet(s) (for pets over 16 weeks of age).

An emergency care authorization form must be completed and must travel with your pet(s). This form provides instructions to us in the event of an illness or emergency and gives us permission to take your pet to a qualified veterinarian should this be necessary. Prior to any service provision we will make every effort to contact you. However, if you cannot be reached to have medical emergency treatment approved by you, we will use our discretion to ensure the well being and health of your pet as our primary concern. All charges for veterinary care will be your responsibility. There will be an additional charge for the administration of any medication at the rate of $15.00/day per pet.

The Emergency Care Authorization form, health certificate(s) and copy of rabies certificates must be made available by uploading these documents through our website, email, fax to our office, or by postal mail at least 24 hours prior to the date of departure for your pet.

We will require food for your pet in a container or bag that can be closed/sealed securely in an amount equivalent to a 3 days supply. If your pet has food and water bowls that you prefer they use, please have these packed and ready for the driver when the pet is picked up. Please label food containers, bowls, and accessories with pet’s name and any special feeding/watering instructions. No plastic supermarket bags please. We will provide all water, and treats unless otherwise specified or restricted by client. Each compartment is fitted with an easy to clean pad for comfort. You may want to include a favorite blanket, toy, or pillow; this must fit within the compartment and still allow the pet plenty of room to sit, stand, turn, lie down, and general movement.

We will not transport any pet that requires a muzzle or other restrictive device. Our driver-handlers reserve the right to refuse transport, or keep contained, any pet that displays signs of aggression at pick-up or during transit.

We will allow compatible dogs, cats, or a dog and a cat from the same family to occupy the same compartment providing:

  1. Neither animal shows any aggression, at any time, towards the other animal. If aggression is shown during transport the animals will be separated, additional costs will be incurred, and if any injury occurs to either animal immediate emergency veterinary care will be sought at your expense.
  2. The compartment chosen, if on the group transport, must meet all size requirements for each animal separately. Example: as a general rule cats require 4 sq. ft. of space and a minimum of 24″ height plus room for the litter box. If a small dog requires 2 sq. ft. of space the compartment housing both of these animals must be a minimum of 8 sq. ft to allow for both pets and the litter box. Two small dogs, each requiring 2 sq. ft., would require a 4 sq. ft. compartment with a height appropriate for the taller dog.
  3. No puppies or kittens less than 4 months of age can be transported in the same compartment with any adult dog or cat except the mother of that dog or cat.
  4. No female dog or cat that is in heat may be transported with any male dog or cat.